Jan 25th, 2021

Our ranking system is based upon the performance and attendance of our members. Points are awarded for meeting attendance, tournament attendance, tournament participation, tournament scores and, of course, the weight of the fish caught. The point system in place is the best fair method that we know of to encourage friendly competition. For a list of this year and our previous year's tournament points and ranking summary spreadsheets, please click here.

The Thermal Belt BassMasters has fished 12 tournaments thus far this year. The club, as a whole, has caught 494 fish for a total weight of 871.14 pounds. That means that there has been an average of 41.17 fish weighed in at each tournament. The average weight of the fish weighed in is 1.76 pounds. In the interest of conservation, we believe that it is crucial to monitor fish mortality during our 12 tournaments. For each dead fish weighed at a tournament, a penalty is assessed. This is in effort to encourage careful and humane treatment of the fish so that future generations may enjoy the sport. We have weighed in a total of 15 dead fish in our tournaments. This means that for the 12 tournaments fished this year, there has been an average of 1.25 deceased fish weighed in per tournament.

Check out our summary spreadsheets. They will have all our tournament results and standings for prior years.

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2019 Point and Ranking Summary

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